Sveti Martin vineyards represent the heart and soul of our wine story. Wine is made in the vineyard, and this is especially well known here. All our vineyards are in elevated, airy locations, on the slopes of Sveti Martin, near the homestead.

Sveti Martin Tresa


(2.5 ha; 230–300 m.a.s.l.)

Our best location finally grew into a real vineyard in 2004 and 2005, when we expanded the small family vineyard into a 2.5-hectare complex. It is an exceptional location with a south-southeast exposure, with extreme slopes of up to 40%. On Tresa, pinela, rebula and barbera are planted in approximately the same ratio, and especially the latter two give exceptional results in a strongly sunny position.

Sveti-martin-struga-hrib (1)

Hrib – Struga

(3.5 ha; 250–270 m.a.s.)

In recent years, Struga and Hrib have been combined into a single vineyard (3.5 hectares), with a high planting density (5,000 vines per hectare), a crop-friendly cultivation form (single guyot) and a very low load on the vines (maximum 1.5 kg per vine). At this location, we have planted all varieties, especially in the lower part, green is dominant, which, due to its aromatic potential, is suited to slightly more shady locations.